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Testimonials and Clients

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Mrs. Chicha - Glenda's Mother

Hope school is very homey,  Her friends have a  great character also the  teacher, regarding curriculum, we are quite satisfied to make a child can set their own goals so that they see themselves learning also know their targets.

Mrs.Evelyn Sandjoto - Timothy and Akiro's mother

I send my two children at Hope because I am interested in the patterns of education and care applied in Hope.

One of them with the provision of classes , for the care giver during their wait in the school.

I think, this school only to think of his care giver means the attention given to the child will be much higher.

It became one of my decision to enter my first child attended HFK.

The second reason is because I'm interested in the method SOT curriculum in use at the HFG.

Mrs. Merry Suwanto - Luovic, Davyn, and Kenzie's mother

I am happy Luovic and Davin school in Hope. SOT curriculum that is applied here to make my children be independent, able to regulate their own learning targets with the help of a supervisor, but they see themselves still have enough time to play as children. It should be enjoyed in school, right?